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Alexanders interpretations in “Hver gang Vi Møtes”

Lars Lillo-Stenberg is honored in the seventh part of "Hver Gang Vi Møtes". And here is Alexander's cover of Ut by Lars Lillo-Stenberg.

You can find  Ut by Alexander, on iTunes Spotify and WIMP

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Alexander performs at 2 events in Belarus.

Alexander will give a concert at the Ice Arena Orsha (Belarus) on April 16th , where also Sasha Nemo, Larisa Gribaleva and "Miss Bride" will perform

Also Alexander will perform as a guest at the official Eurovision Pre-Party held by Belarus' national TV-Channel "BTRC" at Minsk's famous bar "BlackHall Bar", on April 17th.


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Concerts with Nittedal String-Orchestra

March 23rd 2014,  Alexander and 130 string-students of Nittedal String-orchestra gave 2 concerts at Bjertnes School, Nittedal.

Photographer ©Liv Seiff, Varingen

Full picture-gallery in "Varingen" here


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Hver Gang Vi Møtes – Season 3 (Album)

In the third season of "Hver Gang Vi Møtes", Norwegian artists Anneli DreckerSamsayaELG ( Øyvind Elgenes - Dance With A Stranger), Sigvart DagslandAlexander RybakSimone Eriksrud (D'Sound) and Lars Lillo-Stenberg (deLillos)  honor each other's music and work. This album contains all your favorite tunes from season three.

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Alexander as program-leader of “Min Favorittmusikk” on radio NRK Klassisk

On March 25th, Alexander was invited to be the program-leader of the radio-broadcast "Min Favorittmusikk" on channel "NRK Klassisk".


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“Hver Gang Vi Møtes” – Alexander Rybak’s Day

Why this saturday is so special to me.

I am a Norwegian. Norway is my home. That is why my new musical will be in Norwegian to begin with. That is why I am so touched by your love for the Norwegian nature and culture. And that is why I am so exited to have our show aired in Norway tomorrow, where 6 of the biggest and most influential artists of Norway will COVER MY SONGS. I mean, come on! This is amazing!!!

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