Alexander Rybak in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”.

March 1st is the premiere-day of  the 3rd season of  “Hver Gang Vi Møtes“. The TV-shows will be broadcasted during 8 Saturdays March 1st – April 19th, by TV2, Norway, .

Seven of the most popular artists in Norway live together for 10 days at a farm and pay tribute to eachother, by playing personal versions of eachothers most famous songs. Each of the first 7 shows, has one of the musicians as the “focus-person” and the 8th and final show will present duetts between the participants. The 7 artists of this season are: ELG, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Simone Eriksrud, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya and Sigvart Dagsland.

Alexander Rybak is a part of all 8 shows and in the third show on March 15th, he is the “focus-person” –  as the 6 other artists will perform their versions of  his songs

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In Norway, you can find the songs of “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” on iTunes, WIMP and Spotify