Why this saturday is so special to me.

I am a Norwegian. Norway is my home. That is why my new musical will be in Norwegian to begin with. That is why I am so touched by your love for the Norwegian nature and culture. And that is why I am so exited to have our show aired in Norway tomorrow, where 6 of the biggest and most influential artists of Norway will COVER MY SONGS. I mean, come on! This is amazing!!!

But it means much more to me if YOU, my audience around the world, will support me through this and will support these 6 great covers. Please watch the videos, dicuss, and share this with your friends.

Thank your for staying. Alex

Here, you can watch the great interpretations of Alexanders songs by other artists, on Alexander’s day at “Hver Gang Vi Møtes“.

 Alexander Rybaks Dag – EP, is on iTunes, Spotify and Wimp.

More Information about Hver Gang Vi Møtes.

Oah Cover

Fairytale Cover

Funny Little World Cover

5000 Letters Cover

13 Horses Cover

Europe Skies Cover