Alexander Rybak & Marija Serifovic: “Gorka Hrabrost”

In June 2013, Alexander Rybak visited the recording-studio of Marija Serifovic in Belgrade and together, the two ESC-winners recorded this song “Gorka Hrabrost” with Marija on vocal and Alexander on  violin. The song is one of the tracks on the new album “Hrabro” by Marija Serifovic. “Hrabro” means “Courageous” and the songs title “Gorka Hrabrost”, means “Bitter courage”. Marija Serifovic won the ESC for Serbia in 2007 with the song “Molitva”.

“Gorka Hrabrost” was released 04/05/2014

Label and copyright: M14 Production
Music: S. M. Mare, lyrics: M. Tucakovic, Arr: S. M. Mare

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