Alexanders new song “Into a Fantasy” is

NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes and Spotify in many countries!


Alexander Rybak has made a new song, “Into a Fantasy”, for the Dreamworks-movie “How to train your Dragon 2”, which will soon premiere in cinemas worldwide.
The song will be part of the movie – and movie-soundtrack – in many countries, but not all. You will not find “Into a Fantasy” in the USA-released version of the movie, but in Scandinavia, Russia and many European countries.

List of links to Internet-shops, where you can preorder and buy Alexanders song, “Into a Fantasy”:

* iTunes and Spotify in most countries.

* Google Play and Deezer in most countries.

* WIMP in Norway and Denmark

The MP3 version of  “Into a Fantasy” will be for sale from : and

 The MP3- version of the album “How to train your Dragon 2” with 20 songs, including “Into a Fantasy

will be for sale from : and

 The physical Audio CD of the album “How to Train your Dragon 2” with 20 songs, including Alexander’s song “Into a Fantasy“,

can be preordered from : –

The soundtrack of “How to Train your Dragon 2”, incl.  “Into a Fantasy” on Vinyl – Records, can be pre-ordered and delivered worldwide by THIS website