NEW music-video by Alexander Rybak!

Written and produced by: Alexander Rybak
Director of photography: Olav Stubberud
Production Manager: Tone Lise Asphol

Written and arranged by: Alexander Rybak
Produced by: Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Programming, guitars, and other instruments: Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Backing vocals: Tone Lise Asphol


Alexander filmed the music-video for his new song, “Into a Fantasy” in some of the most beautiful landscapes of Norway.

“Into a Fantasy” is a part of the official soundtrack of the motion-picture “How to Train your Dragon 2” from Dreamworks Animation.

The movie will premiere in cinemas allover the world, starting from June 12th, 2014 and Alexanders song will be part of the movie-soundtrack in Scandinavia, Russia and most European countries.

In the Norwegain version of  “How to Train your Dragon 2” – “Dragetreneren 2”,  Alexander makes voice-dub for the main character of the movie, the young Viking,  Hiccup.

The digital version of “Into a Fantasy” is available on iTunes in most countries.

Find more information about how to buy the digital and physical version of “Into a Fantasy” HERE


I have a dream. You are there.
High above the clouds somewhere.
Rain is falling from the skies,
but it never touches you;
you’re way up high!

No more worries, no more fears.
You have made them disappear.
Sadness tried to steal the show,
but now it feels like many years ago.

And I, I will be with you every step!
Tonight, I found a friend in you.
And I’ll keep you close forever.

Come fly with me
into a fantasy
where you can be
whoever you want to be,
come fly with me!

We can fly all day long.
Show me the world, sing me a song.
Tell me what the future holds.
You and me, we’ll paint it all in gold!

And I, I will believe your every word!
Cause I, I have a friend in you.
We’ll always stay together!


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