Alexander takes part in the new musical TV-Concept, “The Hit”, on NRK-TV.
On Friday October 10th, he appears on the live-TV-broadcast, competing with  Norwegian artist, Trine Rein.
If his song gets the best votes-result , he will continue to the Final Show on October 24th
and perhaps win the whole contest with “The Ultimate Hit”


 Alexander said in an interview to NRKs Website:

“I always get requests, to do things, I can´t do on TV and I always refuse.
This, however, is something I am really passionate about: To find a talent and a tune and to do something personal with it.
This is the best thing, I know and it is great to be allowed to share my knowledge with the people.”



“The Hit” is a new musical TV-contest in Norway, broadcasted by NRK over 8 Fridays from 19.55 – 21.00 CET,
starting September 5th and ending with a big Final on October 24th.

The Hit is a TV-Show of 8 broadcasts, in which unknown songwriters get to present their songs to well-known Norwegian artists.
In each broadcast of The Hit, two artists move through six rooms, in search for their next single.
The artists don´t know, which songs,  the unknown songwriters will present to them and the songwriters don´t know,
which artist will show up in their room.

The artists choose two songs each and not until the live-broadcast, they reveal, which song they have chosen to be their next single.
Their choice is revealed in music, as they perform the song, they have chosen.
The viewers vote for the song, they think have the best hit-potential and the song with the most votes continue to the big Final October 24th,
where the ultimate hit-song will be named. NRK has searched broadly for songwriters and has received 3162 songs.
Super-producer, Steve Lillywhite has chosen the 42 songs, which will be presented to the artists.


The artists, who will take part in The Hit are:

Jørn Hoel,  VenkeKnutson, A1,  Maria Arredondo,  Helene Bøksle,  Vidar Busk,  D’Sound,  Maria Haukaas Mittet,
Åge Sten Nilsen med band,  Atle Pettersen,  Trine Rein,  Alexander Rybak,  Aleksander With,  D.D.E

Facebook-page of The Hit HERE