Today, Alexander released a new single “What I Long For”.
 The song was written by Elisabet Mjanger for the TV-show The Hit on NRK TV ( more info )
Alexander performed the song in The Hit on October 10th. Dancers from  Bårdar Talent were on stage with him.

Music and Lyrics :  Elisabet Mjanger
Arrangement : Alexander Rybak

This is what I long for more in life, that’s what you bring.
Passion, full compassion. You’re the one who takes me in.
I’m jumping around. Diving in. Coming around.

Closer, so much closer to the place I’m longing for.
Heated, no more coldness. Sun is shining, there is more.
I’m jumping around. Diving in. Coming around.

I’m holding on. Heart is heart together.
Love within, brightening all the darkness.
And I realize: You’re the one that fills my day with joy and relief.
Makes me whole. You’re all I see. Yes, I believe.

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