On November 14th, 2014, Alexander Rybak gave a concert in Turkey with the students of Eskişehir – Atayurt Private Schools.  Alexander led a seminar and rehearsed with the students for two days. The final of the seminar was a big concert with performances of Alexander Rybak, pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos and the school’s students, orchestra, choir and dancers.

More information about the Concert with Eskisehir, Atayurt Schools HERE

Videos are uploaded to the YouTube-Channel of  Eskişehir, Atayurt Schools.






It ain´t necessarily so


Atayurt Orkestra and Alexander Rybak


Europes’ Skies


Roll with the Wind


Old Maple ( Stary Klion )


Into a Fantasy


Clair de Lune


Photos provided by Eskişehir, Atayurt Schools.