Alexander Rybak has composed the song, “Accent”,  for the Belarussian ESC-selection, “Eurofest 2015”.

The  lyrics are in Belarussian and English.

Alexander has said in interviews, that with his song,  he aims to show the Belarussian culture and soul in a modern way – and to bring an important message about not to forget oneĀ“s roots.

The song will be performed by 5 girls, found by auditions in 4 cities of Belarus. Hundreds of girls auditioned and Alexander Rybak picked 5 talented girls, who will perform as the group “Milki” –  from the Belarussian word for “sweet” or “cute”.

 The 5 members of “Milki” are:  Tatsiana Stakhouskaya, Marina Putnikova, Taya Serikova, Victoria Nazarko and Anna Rai.

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Accent” by “Milki” qualified to take part in the jury-auditions in Belarus on December 4th – 5th.

In the auditions on December 4th-5th, “Accent” was one of the 15 songs, which qualified, to take part in the final ESC-selection of Belarus, which will take place in a TV-show on December 26th. The winner will be found by a combination of Jury-votes and Tele- votes.