Alexander Rybak wrote the song “Still Here” in 2014 for the artist, Franklin Calleja, who sang it to the Final of the National ESC-selection of Malta 2014.

The song has now entered the BRF-Hitparade on BRF1 – a Belgian radio-channel in German language.

“Still Here” has entered the BRF-Hitparade as no. 38 on their Top-40.

The Hitparade is updated every Saturday by the votes of the listeners – from Belgium and all other countries.

To VOTE, open this LINK and fill out the form:

1) Choose 5 songs, with the one you like best on the top.

2) If you have suggestions for other songs, write them here

3) Answer the prize-question of the week. You will find it on the Facebook-page of the radio.

4) Write what prize, you would like to win. The choices are listed under the voting-form.

5) Write your name, adress, ZIP-code OR city, country and e-mail-adress.

6) Click on “Abstimmen”.

Read the original page of BRF1-Hitparade HERE

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