Alexander Rybak won the 2nd place in the Final of “One to One”!

The voting of the viewers in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan gave this final result:

1. Руслан Алехно – Ruslan Alehno 47,1%
2. Александр Рыбак – Alexander Rybak 32,1%
3. Светлана Светикова – Svetlana Svetikova 7,1%
4. Анжелика Агурбаш – Angelica Agurbash 7%
5. Марина Кравец – Marina Kravets 6,7%

The Fifteenth episode and FINAL of “One to One” was broadcasted on TV-channel  Russia 1 on May 24th – 2015

Alexander impersonated the world-famous Canadian crooner Michael Bublé and performed his song “Feeling Good”

The video of the Full 15th show. Alexander appears from 22.30 minutes


Video of a tribute by the participants of One to One and friends of the artist Batyr Shukenow,

who died suddenly on April 29th during the time of the show-recordings.

They performed Batyr Shukenows song “Julia”