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Written by Thomas Hörman Arntsen. Published 26.06.2015

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Dennis plays Engebret Soot
– It’s almost like coming home, says Dennis Storhøi (54). He can not praise the reception and program of Ørje enough.

Familiar faces: They will have ten performances in Ørje.



“Even Fredrikstad should thank Soot” -. Dennis Storhøi, actor in Ørje


He says his home is Kråkerøy but since his mother lives in Ørje and is married to the man who wrote “Sootspelet», he has got a “hide-out “in the boyroom at home no.2.


– I feel like the yolk of the egg. The Amateur teams working with the lock Festival and the ten performances are absolutely phenomenal. We are really doing good – says the actor.

Not objective

– But I played here in 1990, and saw the play when it first came in 1986. So I have a special relationship with it. In the band sits Bjorn Halstensen from Torsnes as musical director and he has with him Ingar Guttormsen on bass. Halstensen has arranged the music that is newly written, and it is signed by Haldens grand son, Henning Kvitnes. He plays and sings in the play, as a fleeter His d– Much of the policy is taken away. We try to give more insight into Haldenvassdraget father (1786- 1859) who with a well-read physics textbook became curious and did a lot for Ørje by creating locks and possibilities for timber transport. Even Fredrikstad should thank Soot for the city’s progress, believes Storhøi before premiere.

This week has offered much thunder and rain.