Lead actor Dennis Storhøi was very happy after the premiere.

– It was a fantastic evening. It seems like people are happy, says Storhøi.

On stage with Storhøi is Alexander Rybak, who plays Ole Bull.

– I’m so happy that it went so well. We are happy and relieved. I’m very proud to be showing this, says Rybak.

Storhøi brags of the gang he has worked with on the play.

“Alexander is incredible and it is wonderful to be with him here. The whole ensemble is a very allright gang. It has been a pretty tough rehearsal-time to get this running, but they are so talented.”



Article in Norwegian with short video, published 28.06.2015 by

Written by Hilde Erlingsen / Remi Drageset.

Photos: Remi Drageset / NRK

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