Photo/Video: Alexander performed at the Grand Summer Concert in Budapest, Hungary

On August 20th 2015, Alexander Rybak was a guest-star and performer at the Grand Summer Concert in Budapest, Hungary. The concert took place at the open-air stage on Margaret Island. The Concert was a celebration of a Hungarian National Holiday and the performers were the 9 finalists in the Hungarian talentshow for young classical musicians Virtu贸zok” (Virtuosi), broadcasted by TV-channel M1. Another guest star was the opera-singer Erika Mikl贸sa.

Alexander was accompanied by his pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos and a symphony orchestra, conducted by conductor: Zolt谩n Bolyky

Alexander performed “Hungarian Suite”, “Dagdr酶m”, “Jealous” and “Fairytale”

“Hungarian Suite”

“Hungarian Suite”, “Dagdr酶m” and Alexander speaking to the audience ( 4.08 )

Photos by Fanni Haska & Team Rybak Hungary

Anna Nemeth Photography for Budapesti Ny谩ri Fesztiv谩l

Interview with Alexander by L谩sl贸 Domszky