Alexander Rybak hovedInterview: “My first school-years in Norway were like an eternal vacation”

“Alexander does not seem like he cares too much about what the reviewers will think about the book and the music.

– My goal is to make morality into a beautiful story that children can enjoy themselves with, and perhaps also to open their ears to classical music.

The musician thrives in work with children. He has for years traveled around and taught at music schools.

– It is very fun! Before, I could identify with the children, but now I notice that I have a different role. I’ve gone from being a big brother to an uncle.”

Article in Norwegian, published 25.09.2015 by

Written by Tommy Halvorsen

Photos by Anne Elisabeth Næss

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Rybak barndomsbilde








Alexander Rybak


Pictures of the Article above, published in the Norwegian Magazine “Foreldre og Barn” ( Parents and children) 29/9-2015

Written by Tommy Halvorsen

Photos by Anne Elisabeth Næss




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