fr5Brought the Magic Fiddle to Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

“- The book is about Trolle. He is a lonely boy without any friends, but one day he finds a magical violin that will prove to change his life, a bit like me, says Rybak and laughs.

– In the book I try to show that one should not be afraid to be different, and the final moral is that friendship overcomes even the strongest magic, he says.

Storhøi has been involved in several audio books, but this book stand out from the others.

-I’m lucky to have gotten to work with such a creative soul as Rybak. We have worked together several times, and I knew this book would be good. He writes about important topics such as bullying and friendship, and he conveys it in a way that children can understand, tells Storhøi.”




Article in Norwegian, published 26.09.2015 by Fredriksstad Blad

Written by Mathilde Halstensen

Photos by Jhonny Leo Johansen

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