Preview of article in Norwegian, published 04.10.2015 as Pay-to-Read article on Dagbladet.no

Text & Photo by Maya Troberg Djuve

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Auto-generated English Translation of the public part:

“Review: Alexander Rybak’s first childrens book shows that he is a warm and wise story-teller.

 – Debuts with book about a fiddling troll.

It happens quite frequently: Culture Celebrities want to write a children’s book. Many fail. It may nevertheless seem that one artist group succeed more often; musicians.

Jo Nesbø and Paul McCartney are among those who have written fine for children. Maybe it’s about a musicality that can be transferred.

Now debuts also violinist and entertainer,  Alexander Rybak as an author for children with the fairytale-inspired Trolle and the magic fiddle“. Here he shows to be a warm and wise story-teller, who also masters the language as an instrument”.