Article in Norwegian, published on 27.11.2015

Written by Lars Erik Larsen

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Larry Bringsjord from Lyngdal is proud to release the soundtrack to “Yohan – Child Wanderer” on a double-CD – five years after the film went to the movies.

” I am proud to finally be able to release the music to Grete Salomonsen beautiful film, “Yohan”. It depicts a rather unknown but important era in the history of Norway, and Ragnar Bjerkreim has written music that underlines the strong feelings and harsh living conditions of children migrants in the south, says publisher Larry Bringsjord in MTG Music.

For those of you who do not remember the movie, it was described this way in the press release:

“The social realistic film, Yohan, about the almost forgotten story of children who walked between Western and Aust-Agder to find work and shelter. This happened in the 1800s and until 1910 to 1920.

The action takes place in the inner parts of Agder, Arendal, Kristiansand and in New York. In early April every year during this period went children from small farms in Konsmo, Kvas, Hægebostad and Kvinesdal together in flocks eastward to find work. The children worked with Cowshed, cooking, haymaking, carpentry and herding. Many of them emigrated to the USA when they were 15-16 years old. “



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The songs

CD 1

  1. Så kald en vind | Carola
  2. Learning as we go | Alejandro Fuentes
  3. Hey | Torini
  4. 2 care 4 | Kari Kleiv
  5. You took everything | Grete Salomonsen
  6. From here to forever | Kris Kristofferson
  7.  Fest uti sigenarlegren | Veronica Akselsen
  8.  Stand and fight | Olove
  9.  Jeg er på vandring gjennom livet | Elias Akselsen
  10.  Eg tykke så synd i min gut som gjede | Anne-Karin Kaasa
  11.  Ned i vester soli glader | Lene G. T. Brommeland
  12.  Nostalgia | Alexander Rybak
  13.  Sinking | Evje

CD 2:

Kristiansand Symfoniorkester dirigert av Rolf Gupta plays the music, specially composed for Yohan Barnevandrer.
Komponist: Ragnar Bjerkreim.
Solistar: Sigmund Groven, Steinar Ofsdal m. fl

MTG MUSIC i samarbeid med Penelope Film
Katalog nr: MTG20240
Distribusjon: Musikkoperatørene og Phonofile
EAN: 7056780000757THE SONGS:

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Alexander plays the small part of a young musician named Levi. The DVD was released in November 2010. delivers the DVD,  worldwide.



A video with Alexander on the Yohan-movie-set in 2009. With english subtitles