niisChristmas is about traditions. We sing Christmas songs to remind us about Jesus who was born as a gift to us, about St. Nicholas who gave presents to the poor, we sing songs about love and friendship. Last year I had my first Christmas away from my family, I hope that it will never happen again. Today I’m safe at home where I spent my childhood, with my mother and father. But I have other families as well: My Instagram has now over 50.000 followers, my Facebook account over 800.000, and I know that a lot of you are really supporting me and you’re waiting for my music. That makes me a very happy Christmas boy (as you can see on the photo). So let’s celebrate with all of our families, and wish each other a #MerryChristmas , a ‪#‎PeacefulChristmas‬ , and of course a ‪#‎sexychristmas‬

Posted on Facebook 24.12.2015