milArticle in Russian, pubished by 07.03.2016

Written by Views: Tatyana Serebryakova

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“- Each of us has a job or study, so we meet mostly only during rehearsals, but sometimes rest together. And they get along with each other well and have become one big happy family where everyone has their own role. Sometimes it can be very funny. For example, Vick often calls her mother Taisia ​​Taya – for wisdom and judgment.

Sasha by nature kind and cheerful person, but in the course of the creative process is very demanding and serious, since it has its vision about the performance of a product. By listening to our suggestions willingly, and we, in turn, also we try not to let him, knowing that the project he puts his heart and soul. Alexander lives in Norway, why not see each other as often as we would like. Prior to his arrival, we e-mail we receive musical material, study it, and then rehearse with the mentor. We are fortunate that in the absence of contact Sasha works production center “Grand Music” led by Andrei Guzel. Our Belarusian team is doing a lot for us.”