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Alexander Rybak introduced a new track, “I love you as before”

March 8 in Moscow premiere of a new song by Alexander Rybak “I love you as before.” Thus, Sasha confessed his love to all the girls! The author made ​​himself Alexander, together with Belarusian authors – Slava Rakitin.

As noted by Alexander Rybak: “At this time the song has turned out sad, emotional, melancholic and sincere This story is about my first love, and whatever happens, I will always remember about her Let’s see if this song will be a hit, because no one.. He knows how to write a hit. it is important that this song done with high quality. I hope this song is like the Russian public.”

Live-presentation of the song took place in Moscow park “Sokolniki” the event “Spring Kaleidoscope” from the channel RU-TV and HIT-FM radio station, as well as at a party “MusicTime” TV RUSSIAN MUSICBOX in the shopping center “European” and performed in the TV channel TVC and the radio station “Mayak”

The track is available in the music service iTunes and Google Play Music