Do you think, you can´t sing? Then, you are most probably wrong!

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Article and TV-clips in Norwegian, published by 15.04.2016

Written by Åshild Almland.

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“- Most people with perfect pitch have started musical training before the age of six, says Jansrud.

Musician Alexander Rybak has a perfect pitch. This was something he didn´t think about before he was ten, eleven years old.

– I practiced the violin two hours after school every day, and I thought all kids did, he adds.”

Second video:

Programleader Line Jansrud has always been afraid, she sings out of tune. In the program “Kroppen Din”, she wanted to test if it is possible to train a better musical ear. With only one week to practice, she will give concert with a big-band at Oslo Central Station.

“I am so nervous, everybody will stop and expect good singing. I will die”, says the programleader in advance.

Click on the pictures to watch the videos!