sin-tituloArticle in Spanish, published by 29.04.2016

Written by Yossarin Barbero Céspedes

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Alexander Rybak expects love from the Argentine public.

The musician of 29 years born in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, was part of the highly successful “How To Deliver Your Dragon 2″, which he composed and performed the song “Into a Fantasy”.

Possessing great talent, Rybak wants to break into the Latin American music market and it decided to start Argentina. In his first visit to the country, the winner of Eurovision 2009 Moscow, will hold a concert this Friday- 29 April- at the Coliseum theater.

Son of violinist father and pianist mother, Alexander not only takes his music to the stage, but also to various foundations. It is for that reason that Rybak visit on Monday May 2 South Youth Orchestra, where he will give a clinic violin for children from 12 to 20 years, while next Tuesday will perform at the Garrahan Hospital.

Then we invite you to check the hand to hand Terra Argentina had with the musician Alexander Rybak, prior to his concert: