gråtArticle in Norwegian, published by 07.06.2016

Written by Eivind Charlie M. Sætre

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“First it was the troll – now it’s tractor (s). Alexander Rybak aiming now out of children’s books at the gaming market and the tractor’s greatest hero: Fergie.

Fergie things right is the name of the farm adventure that you can now download to smart phones and tablets. Initially IOS, but Android is coming soon.

The project is Norwegian and published by Ravn Studio and Alexander together with Svein Gundersen composed music – which is entirely composed especially for the release.

Fergie concept that has now taken turn out to consoles, familiar enough to most of children’s television and eventually several movies. It all seems to be a junior version of Farmville, but marketed to children in absolutely all ages.”

The music of Rybak and Gundersen is available only in the game itself, but a little clip you can see and hear in the video below: