Alexander Rybak – Celebrating 10 years as an “Entertainer”

New single “I Came To Love You” out June 22nd

Through the last 10 years, Alexander Rybak has entertained a large audience with his

indisputable musical talent. To commemorate on the anniversary, he will unveil his new single

and music video “I Came To Love You” on June 22nd

Several new songs will follow during the

summer and into the autumn season.


In addition to this, Alexander’s new show “Entertainer”

premieres in Larvik, Norway on July 6th – including highlights from his extensive career, as well

as several of his newly written songs.

To label Alexander Rybak as ‘a true entertainer’ is an obvious statement. A large Norwegian and

international audience has over the years come to know an exciting artist and person that

constantly surprises.

His list of achievements is extensive and includes everything from

Eurovision, acting in film and theater, writing a children’s book and the release of numerous

recordings. Rybak has also received several prestigious awards, including the Hedda Award in

2007, Årets Spellemann (“This year’s Grammy”) in 2009 as well as several international awards.


The new single “I Came To Love You” is a positive pop song that fits well with the summer. The

track was actually written for Alexanders girlfriend, but luckily for all of us he has now decided

to share it with the world.

The track showcases Rybak for the first time ever without his famous

fiddle. Going forward, new Rybak songs will be released on a regular basis, eventually forming a

complete Spotify playlist named “Entertainer”.


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