On August 27th 2016,  Alexander performed in Soligorsk in Belarus. He performed together with the group Milki at an outdoor concert at the Central City square.  The event  was the celebration-day of  Soligorsk.

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The big picture story of how Alexander Rybak and the group “MIlki” performed at the square of Salihorsk City Day

“The most current celebrity guests celebrating the Day of the City and the Miner’s Day in Soligorsk was Alexander Rybak. To congratulate the residents of Salihorsk, the winner of “Eurovision-2009” specially flown in from Norway and with a group of “milki” – its author’s project – presented to the audience in the square people good live music and a good mood. See our large report about the concert

Exactly at the appointed time, Alexander was coming to the scene, a couple of minutes to the applause of the concert soligorchan start their victorious hit “Fairytale”.

He appeared exactly in this form, which he used to see in the photos and video – in a white shirt, waistcoat, with a violin in his hands.”

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