In 2006, Alexander Rybak participated in the Talent-show on NRK TV “Kjempesjansen” (Norway’s got talent) and in the grand final on November 18th, he won the competition with his own song ” Foolin’ “. The sisters Ragnhild and Eldbjørg Hemsing came on 2nd place.


“I know many fans have been waiting for this. 🎉 My first ever performance on television in 2006, my first song #Foolin 🎻
10 years have passed since I won my first big competition with my own song. Still proud of it. As I am proud of having the best fans in the world!”




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Video edited by Thomas Brun.
Video copyright : NRK.

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Nobody knows the way I´m feelin´.
I try to scream, instead I smile.
The world is strange, I must be dreamin´.
How can I stop this just for a while?
The morning rain will soon be fallin´.
But I don´t care, cause I´ve already cried.
Can´t see the meaning of this, but one thing´s certain:
I´m afraid I´m losin´ my mind.

Somebody else will be her boyfriend.
Some body else will have her heart.
But still I love her so. How could I let her go?
I was foolin´myself.

The sky is blue and birds are singin´.
The sun does shine, and kids are playing games.
What have I done? What was I thinkin´?
The only thing to do, is hide in shame.


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