Article in Norwegian, published by 29.11.2016

Text & Photo by Glenn Th. Faannessen 

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Alexander Rybak, Marian Aas Hansen and Rune Larsen. | Photo: Glenn Th. Faannessen

Finally, Rybak is “just” a violinist

There are many elements to grab when Rune Larsen, Marian Aas Hansen and Alexander Rybak are among the players. Very missed is Tore Endresen, but the label “MGP Rybak” is not particularly missed by violinist Rybak.

– For something so set as Grand Prix, it’s hard to tear oneself out of a bubble that the media has created. Here I can actually be a violinist. I do not feel that I must meet up in white shirt and vest and do exactly the same things, says Rybak to KRS247.

– And Rune is not Lollipop-Rune, either.

– It is absolutely right. Those who expect Lollipop will get disappointed. This is something else. When Alexander makes his violin acts every night, there is tremendous response to it. It says something about our concert that we can have a sing-along with the audience and artistic touches such as what Alexander stands for, says Larsen before he is interrupted.

– And humor with Rune, shoot Rybak into.

– I’m a bit of a rogue, acknowledges Larsen.

Marian Aas Hansen, for her part, believes that audiences who come back year after year,  have expectations that should be met.

– We have an audience who come year after year because they get what they expect plus they get surprises. To retain something of the essence of Silent Night and Christmas but also to renew, says Aas Hansen.

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