Dec. 22nd:  “Yesss I made it, just before our last Christmas concert! ❤️🎻 #mytruetalent #christmas #presents”


Dec. 24th: “This Christmas, I once again feel like the happiest and most peaceful artist in the world, because I have such loving, supporting and understanding fans.❤️ #Merry #Christmas 🎉🎻🎁 and remember that my Christmas Tales album is available everywhere you find your music.”


Dec. 24th: “Christmas Tradition Number 1: Mom’s delicious Christmas dinner.❤️😍🎄 After playing at 4(!) Christmas concerts today, she found the time once again to make the most magical Christmas Eve”


Dec. 24th: “Christmas Tradition: Being together with my family. ❤️ When we moved to Oslo, my parents had a choice to wait with the celebrations till January, as many orthodox do. But luckily they chose to make their son happy, and let him celebrate in December with his new Norwegian friends. That is, indeed, the biggest present I could ever want! 🎄 #love #parents #tradition”


Dec. 25: FINALLY, my PRESENT to YOU ❤️
See AlexanderRybakVideo (my YouTube channel) for my Christmas greetings to you. This time with amazing @angelinajordana 🎻💃🏼