New-Year Concerts 2017 with Trondheimsolistene

On January 4th – 7th 2017, Alexander performed as guest-soloist in 4 New-Year Concerts with the Classical orchestra “Trondheimsolistene”.

Alexander and  TrondheimSolistene had invited young local talents from Culture-schools to perform with the orchestra.

The 4 sold-out Concerts took place in the area around Trondheim:

Jan. 4th at Dampsaga Kulturhus, Steinkjer – Jan. 5th at Frøya Kultur& Kompetensesenter, Frøya –  Jan. 6th at Surnadal Kulturhus, Surnadal and Jan. 7th at Festiviteten Kulturhus, Levanger

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Photo: Torodd Wigum (Steinkjer)

The press wrote:

Review from Surnadal: TrondheimSolistene and Alexander Rybak took the audience by storm during the annual New Year’s concert in Surnadal Culture Hall on Friday night.”

Review from Frøya: The crowd was in a good mood right from the beginning of the concert, but when Alexander Rybak, in his usual charming way, flirted with the audience, it exploded in the hall. For Rybak is more than an outstanding violinist. He is a great artist in many ways, and got very good feedback from the audience.”

Review from Frøya: Alexander was primarily a violinist for the evening and really showcased what enormous talent he has. Along with the Trondheim Soloists,  he delivered a New Year concert of high quality.


“Bergrosa” (Sven Nyhus) recorded by Alena_Alena in Steinkjer


“La Ronde de Lutins” (Bazzini) recorded by Alena_Alena in Steinkjer


“Fairytale” (A.Rybak) recorded by Trollheimsporten in Surnadal


“Fairytale” (A.Rybak) recorded by Lena Jørgensen at Frøya

Photos by Trondheimsolistene, Torodd Wigum and Julija Filateva