Article in Norwegian, published by 27.01.2017

Written by Christian T. Sandborg (age 14)

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Said no to Lloyd Webber – But Alexander Rybak said yes to the BBC.

Who: Alexander Rybak (30)

What: Artist

Why: Appears tonight on BBC during Britain’s national Eurovision Song Contest.

You going to England and act on their Eurovision. You’ve even won the international final. What is MGP for you?

– MGP is my business card, it gives me the opportunity to check the many fun things on my check-list.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

– Practicing the violin, make music, and watch movies and play FIFA.

Have you always been interested in music?

– I come from a musical family, so it was very natural for me to play an instrument.

Why did you choose to practice playing the violin and speak to any other instruments?

– Actually, I started with the piano and violin, before the piano became my second instrument.

Which of your songs do you like best?

– I am most satisfied with the ‘Trolle’ -music I have made, plus my DreamWorks-song “Into A Fantasy.” It’s fun to be able to boast with!

Do you have a favorite artist?

– I like Alan Walker, and hope he gets honor and glory during the Spelleman Awards.

What book has meant the most to you?

– It must be my own then, since I spent several years creating the “Trolle” universe.

What makes you happy?

– Seeing Julie smile (girlfriend, editor.). Or laugh, preferably.

Who was your childhood hero?

– Gene Kelly from “Singin ‘In the Rain.” I like his versatility.

What do you do when you let go of control?

– “Skeie out” doesn´t that mean losing reason? I constantly try to keep reason.

What do you dislike most about yourself?

– I would sometimes wish I was not so perfectionistic.

What are you willing to go in demonstrations for or against?

– It depends on how big the demonstration train is. Is it just me alone? That would look silly. If it is a large enough demonstration, I’d go to campaign to introduce SoHo chocolate.

Is there anything you regret?

– I regret that I did not do anything when my management declined to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber. It had certainly been very cool.

Who would you prefer to get stuck in the elevator with?

– I would like to get stuck in the elevator with my girlfriend. She is dead-funny!