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World famous Eurovision-star in Hof: “This will be a real fireworks”

Singer Greta Salome and Eurovison-star Alexander Rybak will be a concert in Hof in Akureyri on 17 March.

“This will be a real fireworks,” says musician Greta Salome Stefánsdóttir that will hold a concert with Eurovision-star Alexander Rybak in Hof in Akureyri on 17 March.

Violinists Greta Salome and Rybak met in Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in 2012.

Million followers

Greta Salome and Rybak first met Eurovision Cup in Baku in 2012. “We are both violinists, singers and composers, but this is not a big business when it comes,” says Greta says that the concert in Hof is for the whole family.

“It will all find something to their liking. We’re going to sing both old and new songs, pop, rock, classical, Disney and Eurovision, together and separately. The concert is on a Friday so it can go directly to our fun by or enjoy an evening with the family, “she says, adding that it is never know if they hold a second concert in Norway, the country of Rybak.

But since I am uppbókuð out in February 2018, we find a very good date. It would be really nice. Rybak is a very big star throughout Europe, with millions of followers on Facebook. He is always on tours and is the largest Eurovision winner from the start – he holds a record when it comes to destroying the competition.

Alternative violins

When asked Greta hard that it is cool to play the violin. “The week before the concert we will have a string course in Harp and in one day, 100 students registered. I think that it must seem a bit trendy. I think it’s certainly very cool. Violin is so fun and diverse. It can play many amazing concert style with this instrument. So we Alexander not these traditional violins. We are used to go outside the box and intend of fun quite right left. “

The article first appeared in Akureyri weekday newspaper. Click here to read the newspaper .