About the play

The historical play Soot-Spelet about the canal-builder Engebret Soot,  will be played again at the unique lock amphitheater in Ørje, Norway in the summer of 2017  from June 23th – July 2nd.



Alexander Rybak plays the role of the famous (and excentric) Norwegian composer and violinist Ole Bull,  who was a friend and contemporary of Engebret Soot. Ole Bull (1810-1880) has meant a lot to Alexander Rybak as a role-model and source of inspiration.

Engebret Soot (1786-1859) came from a humble background and did not get a formal education, but he became known as a skilled carpenter, smith and inventor. He and Ole Bull has been described as “The two biggest natural geniuses of the 19th century”.

Soot was a capacity in word, action and innovation and he became the founder of the whole Halden Canal. He had strong human emotions and enormous energy, He was fearless and musical, but also impulsive, temperamental and headstrong. The world opened up for the canal -genius or rather: The world was opened up by the canal-genius.

The play was originally written in 1986 by Ole Karsten Andersen. At the premiere in 2015, rewritten and expanded by Anneli Sollie with new-written music by Henning Kvitnes and shining performances on stage, we can promise an atmospheric and memorable experience!


Picture Slide-Show of Soot-Spelet 2015



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