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Eurovision 2017: Clara Henry and Alexander Rybak makes SKAM tribute – play lovers in the finals

Article in Swedish, published by 08.03.2017

Written by Anton Lindqvist

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SKAM gets space in the final of Melodifestivalen 2017.  Alexander Rybak and TV host Clara Henry makes their own interpretation of the TV series.

Alexander Rybak is ready for the final of Melodifestivalen 2017.

The Norwegian, who beat scoring record at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, will appear in three pre-recorded clips – with TV host Clara Henry, can tell.

– It’s a parody of SKAM called SMAK. We have had a sketschserie, Clara’s vlog, throughout the program series and we are now taking it further. We start in Clara’s vlog, and slowly but surely we will find ourselves in SKAMs World, says director Mani Massaged.

Clara Henry plays the character Noora and Alexander Rybak SKAM-character William.

– The story is Clara Henry met a guy who turns out to be Alexander Rybak, and falls in love.

SKAM fans will recognize themselves?

– Yes, God yes! Suddenly Clara wears red lipstick and takes on the role of Noora. We use some classic SKAM scenes, like boys in the schoolyard fighting or the mountain where William and Noora had a date.

Why make a SKAM-parody?

– Firstly, I myself is possessed with SKAM, it’s an incredibly good series. Then I found early on that Clara could make Noora in a good way, she looks a bit like Noora. We were very fond of Noora and Williams love story and now Clara and Alexander Rybak take on those roles.

It is not the first time Alexander Rybak appears in SVT. As late as the last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm he appeared in an intermission where Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw sang “Love Love Peace Peace”.

– It’s great that he shows up. There is of course an obvious Norway -connection to SKAM. He dug into the script and then I had several conversations with him. He liked the idea, and then I think he watched  a good deal of this year’s Melodifestivalen and liked what Clara has done, says Mani Massaged.

– David (Lindgren, program management colleague) is by the way also a part of it, but you will see later.

Alexander Rybak could not get to the final of the Friends Arena on Saturday.

– I think he had a gig, so he could not come. He has a quite fully-booked schedule, so it was lucky that we could make it happen.

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