Alexander was a teacher at the masterclass “Spilagleði” in Iceland

On March 12th and 13th, Alexander was a guest-teacher at the masterclass for young string-players –  Spilagledi, arranged by Icelandic violinist and singer, Greta Salóme. The masterclass was fully booked in advance, by 150 young violinists and cellists from Iceland. The masterclass lasted from 9/3 – 13/3 and ended up in a great Final Concert in the Concert-Hall Harpa in Reykjavik for all the relatives of the young talents

Huge thanks to Emilia Arnadottir for uploading these videos from the masterclass


More Videos from masterclass and concert Here


Alexander meets the students


Videos from Facebookpage of Greta Salóme



Fairytale at the Final Concert


Roll with the Wind at the Final Concert


A few days after the Final Concert, Alexander and Greta Salóme went LIVE on Facebook to chat and answer fans’s questions. You can watch the video here: 

Alexander and Greta on Facebook LIVE on March 15th. 

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