Concerts in the Czech republic with Alexander Rybak & The Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

After the successful Concert of Alexander Rybak in Ostrava, Czech rep. in 2016, Alexander Rybak will return to the Czech Republic in 2017, to join forces in a project with the 

Janáček Philharmonic Orchesta.

The project is organized by Jiná kultura

Alexander and the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra will play concerts:

October 4th in Ostrava

October 5th in Plzen

Special guest-performer: Operasinger and Winner of “Talentmanie 2010” Patricia Janečková wrote:

“Alexander Rybak is a Norwegian songwriter, violinist and composer of Belarusian descendance. Not very known in Czech republick, but abroad, he is a star. His Fairytale hit was unbeatable and won the Eurovision in Moscow in 2009, with the highest number of votes ever“, explains Petr Baránek from the Ostrava Jina Kultura, which produces Rybak’s concerts with the Janáček Philharmonic. “As one of the few participants in this competition, he has managed to become globally famous. Deserved, since Alexander’s career has been rising since then. He regularly produces successful recordings, collaborates with top musicians and performs around the world, “adds Petr Baránek.

Alexander Rybak has chosen a Czech production team and a highly prized musical partner such as the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava for his new project. “Rybak is a graduated classical artist, so we can look forward to the merge of his compositions combining the Nordic and Eastern melodic with the symphonic orchestra, singing and violin virtuosity,” Petr Baránek invites to the autumn concerts.

The production promises a top concert experience based not only on the quality of the performers but also on the above-mentioned sound and light show. (translated by admin)



Some reviews of Janáček Philharmonic Orchesta.

‘An amazing performance with inner understanding and beautiful lightness for nuances.’Steve Smith, The New York Times

…a razor-sharp performance by the hometown orchestra, the Janáček Philharmonic.‘- Frank Kuznik,

…especially the string group, which was during the way sounding brilliant, and a great cello soloist, a good brass group and welldone harp work.’- Henning Høholt, Kulturkompasset


Video from Alexander Rybaks’ concert in Kino Vesmir, Ostrava Oct.15th 2016 (click on the link to see more)