Article in Norwegian, published by 26.05.2017

Written by Dyveke Skauge

Photo: P4

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FRESH COOPERATION: Aleksander Rybak and Philip Cecil. P4 Programmer Michael in the middle. Photo: P4



Aleksander Rybak and Philip Cecil were guests in Michael Direct on P4. The boys talked about their musical cooperation and how they met.

Philip Cecil is an EDM artist and participated in The Stream. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram .

 EDM music, or electronic dance music, for which the abbreviation stands, is very much of the pop music we listen to radio every day. EDM is really all music made with electonic instances, says Philip.

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Aleksander Rybak, who comes from a more traditional and analog music tradition, appreciates the meeting and collaboration with Philip.

We came into contact via common celebrities.It turned out that we have heard a lot of each other’s music on Spotify. 

Despite the fact that we have a very different music style and background, we soon realized that we enjoyed working together.

 The meeting with Philip has been inspiring, says Rybak. 

Let’s get on Spotify for a long time – see the smoking fresh music video here: