Article in Norwegian, published by 03.06.2017

Text & Photos by Daniel DeNiazi

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It was beyond all expectations!

Rannveig Hegerland, chairman of Sveio Skulekorps, is very pleased after the first day of Sveiomarknaden.

SVEIO: This has exceeded all expectations, says Hegerland.

The Sveiobladet was in contact with people who had traveled completely from Oslo, Drammen and Kristiansand to hear Alexander Rybak.

“We have traveled entirely to Sveio to see Alexander. We just love him, says a traveler to Sveiobladet when we get in touch with Rybak fans.

Many had met up to see Alexander Rybak.

Photo: Daniel DeNiazi /

Rannveig Hegerland is very pleased with the good attendance, and says that there have been a lot of people who have taken the trip.

Frode Alnæs could not come because of poor health. Otherwise, Heidi Magnesdatter Åsbø could tell that the food was sold in record time.

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