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Alexander Rybak presented his beloved Julie with a romantic birthday gift


For some time now, the romantic feelings of the loyal Julie Gaarud Holm, the winner of the “Eurovision” winner, Alexander Rybak (30),

does not stop her with spectacular attention and gifts.

This time the guy made an exciting gift on the occasion of his birthday – he secretly created a classic piece, he was starred in the video clip, and after midnight, just when the birthday of the woman began, he posted it on the Internet and congratulated her in the presence of all her fans.

This guy’s attention was not left unnoticed by the loyal fans: they not only praised the performer for such a romantic gift, but they themselves congratulated his girlfriend on the occasion of the birthday.

This is what happens when famous people can be surprised by the most surprising surprises, well, and the girls make such gifts only the most real proof of love.

You can view the exclusive Alexandra gift to your beloved here: