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New Collaboration: Alexander Rybak & Franziska Wiese (Germany)

Alexander Rybak has engaged in a new collaboration with the talented violinist and singer Franziska Wiese (Germany) 

The two artists has worked in the studio together in Hamburg, Germany, during the summer of 2017 and among other tracks, they have recorded new duetts of Alexanders’ worldwide hits: “Fairytale” and “Kotik”


The new music by Alexander Rybak & Franziska Wiese will be released on October 20th, 2017 on physical Maxi-CD and digital platforms.

The tracks :

Fairytale (Silverjam Mix – Duett Version)

 Kotik (Silverjam Mix – Duett Version)

 Märchen (Silverjam Mix – Solo Version)

Fairytale (Silverjam Mix – Karaoke Version)

LINKS to preorder the physical & digital Maxi-CD from,

(And many others)

Alexander on his official pages: “NEW PROJECT! 🎻🎻 With much love that I have for Germany, I’m happy to finally have found the perfect German duet partner in Franziska Wiese, who also plays the 🎻 and sings, with flare. 🎤 I hope you will like our music together!”



Franziska Wiese Official Facebook-page

Franziska Wiese Official Webpage

Article in German about the new collaboration

Auto-generated English Translation Here

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