New single: Alexander Rybak & Evelina Olsén: “Märk hur vår skugga” (Feel, how our shadow)

The Dance-Theater-Show “Dansa Samba Med Mig” by Tobias Erik Karlsson a.o.  is touring around Sweden during autumn 2017.

The show is a tribute to the great Swedish poet and Singer-Songwriter Cornelis Vreesjwijk. 

One of the many visual and audio-effects, is video-montages of musical performances.

“Märk Hur Vår Skugga” (Feel, how our shadow) is being performed by Alexander Rybak (Violin) and Evelina Olsén (Vocal)


Video-compilation by Thomas Benstem: Alexander Rybak & Evelina Olsén –  “Märk Hur Vår Skugga” by Cornelis Vreeswijk (Originally Carl Michael Bellman)




Click on the pictures – to stream or download the song:


More about the Show:

Dansa Samba Med Mig – A tribute to Cornelis

A tribute to the great Swedish singer-songwriter Cornelis Wreeswijk – and to friendship.

Director, Tobias Karlsson says on the webpage of the show: “In a time, where empathy seems to be decreasing in the world, this story is about, how we sometimes, must dare to stretch out a hand to others, either to help or to get a push in the right direction ourselves. It tells about how it is, like Cornelis, who came to Sweden at the age of 12, to suddenly find yourself in a new country and not fit in, but how it is possible to fight all obstacles and some day, become one of the countrys biggest poets.”


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Torsdag 14-sep Premiär Örebro

Fredag 15-sep Örebro

Lördag 16-sep Örebro

Lördag 16-sep Örebro matiné

Fredag 22-sep Umeå

Lördag 23-sep Umeå

Fredag 29-sep Gävle

Lördag 07-okt Kalmar

Lördag 14-okt Västerås

Lördag 21-okt Linköping

Lördag 28-okt Malmö

Lördag 04-nov Helsingborg

Lördag 11-nov Karlstad

Lördag 18-nov Jönköping

Tisdag 21-nov Göteborg

Onsdag 22-nov Göteborg

Fredag 01-dec Växjö

Lördag 02-dec Växjö

Fredag 08-dec Södertälje

Lördag 09-dec Södertälje

Torsdag 14-dec Stockholm

Fredag 15-dec Stockholm

Lördag 16-dec Stockholm