Alexander Rybak was guest in the TV-show “Новая Фабрика звезд”/”New Star Factory”

The Russian TV-show “Новая Фабрика звезд / The New Star Factory” is a popular TV-competition,  where 16 young talented people live together in a specially built academy and work 24 hours a day with video-cameras. The show is produced by Russian MUZ TV and Alexander was invited to take part in the 6th episode, both as performer on the stage – and as a judge in the jury.


Alexander Rybak performing his song “Kotik” with contestant Zina Kyprianovich (15) from Minsk


The full 6th episode of “New Star Factory”, starring Alexander Rybak as co-judge and guest-performer.

Alexander is commenting as co-judge from 24.58 minutes


Instagram-photos from Wow_fabrika


Link to More photos in photo-Gallery from MuZ-TV