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Alexander Rybak makes comeback in Melodi Grand Prix

Article in Norwegian. Published by 06.12.2017

Written by Julie Solberg

Photos: NTB Scanpix

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BACK: According to Se&Hør sources, former Melodi Grand Prix winner Alexander Rybak will compete for another MGP cup. Photo: NTB Scanpix


Alexander Rybak makes comeback in the Melodi Grand Prix

Alexander Rybak and several other MGP winners will once again fight for another place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Fiddle pop song, which quickly became a super hit around the country, also became a landslide in several European countries.

Now the 31-year-old will make comeback, according to SE&Hør sources.

– Oh, so funny it’s the first time I hear this. Imagine if we get “Fairytale” number two, it would be great.

Remember that there were 1.8 million Norwegians who cheered for him last time. I love reunions and feel Stella never got as deserved.

If this is correct then this will be the final of all times. Stig Karlsen is terrific so I hope this is correct“, says Per Sundnes, Melodi Grand Prix expert, to Se og Hør.

March 10th is the broadcast of the 56th edition of the Melodi Grand Prix, Norway’s national selection for Eurovision. According to what Se&Hør has been informed, Alexander is one of those who will compete for Norway’s contribution to Eurovision in Portugal in 2018.

“Funny rumor, besides that, I have no comment,” says Mari Rustøy in Artist Partner, representing Alexander Rybak.

Stig Karlsen, NRK’s ​​project manager for the Melodi Grand Prix, will neither confirm or confirm the comeback news.

More comebacks

However, the “Fairytale” singer is not alone in making comeback in the competition.

After seeing Se og Hør, we have a reminder of Stella Mwangi (31) who won MGP in 2011, Kjetil Mørland (37), as well as winning MGP in 2015, and this year’s MGP winner from gruppen Jowst, Aleksander Wahlmann (31).

Also former Idol participant and MGP.Jr winner Alexandra Rotan will make comeback on stage next year, along with among others “Stjernekamp” -Ida Maria and Vidar Villa, known for the summer hit “One night stand”.

– I can not comment on that. Can neither invalidate or confirm. She had a song that was included in the Melodi Grand Prix this year, moreover I can not comment, says Erland Bakke, Managing Director of Ida Maria.

“At least I will play in the break, but if I’m going to participate, I can neither confirm nor cancel, Alexander Wahlman can tell.

The manager of Vidar Villa, Christopher Collings, has no comment on Se og Hør.

See and Hør have not yet managed to get in touch with Stella Mwangi or Kjetil Mørland.

WON: Alexander Rybak was Norway’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and won superior. Photo: NTB Scanpix


The greatest I have experienced

The victory for Alexander Rybak in 2009 was the starting point for the then 23-year-old. The victory followed hectic months of performances and press conferences. The young artist was determined to appreciate every moment in the wake of the competition.

“This is probably one of the biggest things you’ll experience in life, and you just have to enjoy that,” he told the “Everytime We Meet” program in 2014.

– It was very fun. An unreal world. There was chaos in my head. Only things came out of my mouth like people would meet me at Gardermoen if they wanted to”, he said.

Wrote about heartache

In the same program, Alexander spoke openly about the successful song. He revealed, among other things, that the song was initially written as therapy.

The whole song was really a great therapy for me – for the heartache I had for six years after my first love”, Rybak said in the program.

Alexander Rybak is interviewed about winning the Eurovision Song Contest and Melodi Grand Prix, while having heartache.

However, a few years after the Eurovision victory, it would turn out to be changing on the love front for the hopeless romantic

In 2016, it became known that Alexander had found happiness again , with Julie Gaarud Holm.

This time, Alexander had found love over Tinder, something they revealed on social media.

Alexander on Instagram Oct.27th 2017

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