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Alexander Rybak with possible MGP-comeback

Article in Norwegian. Published by 06.12.2017

Written by Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian

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AKTUELL: Alexander Rybak, one of the Eurovision-historys’ highest profiled winners, will – according to VGs’ sources, compete again.

Photo: Jan Petter Lynau, VG

Alexander Rybak current with MGP comeback

Alexander Rybak promised in 2010, never  to compete in MGP again, but now he will be among the artists reshuffling the circus.

It’s going to be a comeback year for the Melodi Grand Prix next year.

According to the VG sources, Alexander Rybak (31), Vidar “Villa” Mohaugen (26), Alexander Wahlmann (31), Ida Maria (33), Alexandra Rotan (21) and Stella Mwangi (31) will all be ready as MGP artists in the new year.

Rybak has not participated in the MGP or Eurovision Song Contest since he crushed all rivals and provided the vote-record of all times with “Fairytale” in Moscow in 2009. In the wake of his star status, he has been a favorite Eurovision guest in a variety of countries as a viewer-magnet at various national finals.

After Portugal won in May this year, Rybak stated on “Good Morning, Norway” on TV 2 that he was no stranger to the idea of ​​making a new attempt.

“It is a production company that has offered me millions to represent Belarus next time in Eurovision, but I would rather do it for free for Norway. If, at all, I get on, then, Rybak, who himself is originally Belarusian, said.

Also on his own Instagram , after joining Eurovision star Johnny Logan on “Allsang on the Border” in August of this year, Rybak wrote:Makes me wanna go for Eurovision all over again! “.

The pipe has thus received a different sound than seven years ago . Then Rybak stated to VG that he would never again participate as an artist.

“It’s too stupid to jump after yourself,” he said at that time.

Rybak has not answered VG’s inquiries.

Alexander Rybak on Instagram August 9th 2017

NRK keeps the cards close to the chest and refuses to comment on VG’s information.

“It is always exciting with rumors and speculation, but I do not comment on the artist or songwriter name before publication,” says Stig Karlsen, project manager and music director for MGP, to VG.

“We are holding a press conference on January 15th and are looking forward to presenting a solid collection of composers and artists,” he adds.

Karlsen confirms that all artists and songs at the time of writing are “in the box”.

– The agreements are settled, so there will be no changes in the line-up.


New to the next year’s event is that all the songs will be presented in full at the press conference in January. In recent years, NRK has been criticized for releasing only short tasting songs from the songs, then waiting for several weeks before everyone gets to hear the full contributions.

Nearly 1,200 tracks were announced to next year’s MGP, which means that NRK has been enrolling record for the third consecutive year.

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