New Video: “That’s How You Write A Song” – Lyric Dance Video by Time to Show Studio, Lithuania


Alexander: “I am really happy to have received this lyric video from the amazing Time To Show dance studio in Lithuania. It really shows that music can be shared in many different ways.
I look forward to seeing your own versions and moves to this song, it would make me really happy!”





Alexander Rybak: “That’s How You Write A Song” – Competing for MGP 2018 in Norway

Download the song from Digital platforms HERE:


If you got a minute,

get down your idea!

It might do wonders.

Maybe disappear..

Who knows? Just get it down

and nothing can go wrong.

Go find your rhythm;

That’s how you write a song!

Enjoy the small things;

with time they will get big.

Gotta find your mission,

a mission to pursue.

You know you you got a talent,

whatever it may be!

So work your magic,

and sing along with me:

Step one: Believe in it

and sing it all day long!

Step two: just roll with it.

That’s how you write a song!



Song written, arranged and performed by Alexander Rybak

Music produced, recorded and mixed by Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Masterpool

Animation by Ola Kassen

Video directed by Frederic Esnault

Video production Manager: Tone Lise Asphol

Video produced by Alexander Rybak