Alexander Rybak (31) sang himself into the story books when he sat at the top of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final with the song “That’s how you write a song” on Saturday night.

He will thus defend Norway’s honor at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in Portugal in May, nine years after winning the same competition with the song “Fairytale” .

-” I’m completely overwhelmed. I have no more voice left”, says Rybak to TV 2 after victory has been secured for the second time.

He did not have enough voice to cheer – but is overwhelmed with emotions and trembling clearly.

See the whole emotional victory interview in the video 

Has been burying myself

“I’m not a guy who can cheer so much. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that I’m a quiet guy, says Rybak, while the fans cheer behind him waiting for him to come down from the stage.

– Are you prepared for the pressure Eurovision brings with you, again?

“I do not think there will be more pressure than it is now. To me it is equally important to show the Norwegian spirit, and show that we support each other here in Norway, as winning, says Rybak to TV 2.

– Do you think you can win in the international finale again?

– I do not know. I’ve spent a lot of time burying myself. I have focused on the negative comments, not the positive ones. But now I realize that it’s music, it’s no facit, he says.

WITH FIDDLE: Alexander Rybak had, of course, the fiddle with him in the performance. Foto: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Praised the girlfriend

He also spent time celebrating his girlfriend, Julie Gaarud Holm, 23, who sat in the hall.

“She is the world’s most beautiful and smartest girl. She is also the world’s most patient, who has carried out with me, he says.

Rybak was in the goldfinals against Rebecca Thorsen (19), who was nominated as winner favorite of both music announcers and betting companies ahead of the MGP final.

Stella Mwangi (31) & Alexandra Rotan (21) and Aleksander Walmann (32) scored fourth in this year’s MGP.

Back to Eurovision

It is nine years since Rybak won both MGP and the International Eurovision Final in Moscow with the song “Fairytale” . With 387 points, he beat all previous scores in the 2009 music competition.

This year he competed with the thrilling pop song “Thats how you write a song”, as he wrote himself, and he also used the fiddle at the end of the song.

Former MGP General Per Sundnes, one of those who has the honor of joining Ryb in the MGP nine years ago, is delighted with this year’s winner.

– Absolutely top, absolutely super. It is a cannon for Rybak to win a win. So it’s exciting to see if Europe likes it, Sundnes says to TV 2.

And Rybak’s song seems to be going abroad too: In the first part of the MGP final, an international professional jury was given a vote, and then Rybak was named as favorite in four of the ten countries.

FAMILY: Alexander Rybak celebrated the victory with his parents. Foto: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Can win again

Morten Thomassen, leader of the Norwegian MGP club, is also pleased.

“Clearly Rybak can win again. I think we have good chances in Lisbon, says Thomassen to TV 2.

Second place came the singing talent Rebecca Thorsen (19). She was a little disappointed when she did not get used to tonight and took a break before she got up to the stage to meet the press.

 Rebecca (19) about the second place: – Rybak is a legend, so it’s fine

“It’s not surprising. Rybak is an MGP legend. It was a fantastic show, she told TV 2.

Also former MGP winner Stella Mwangi had to go home without a new win tonight.

“This is definitely the last time I compete. It was so nervous! But I think Rybak can win in Lisbon. We have fierce winner chances in the international finals, she says to TV 2