TV-broadcast by NRK and SVT – March 16th, 2018

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Eurovision’s Rybak and Ingrosso do talk show interview together | English Subtitles | Skavlan

The Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak and the Swedish winner Benjamin Ingrosso met in Scandinavian talk show Skavlan before they battle it out in the Eurovision finals in Lisbon on May 12th. 


Alexander Rybak and Benjamin Ingrosso perform mashup of their Eurovision songs | Skavlan

The Norwegian contestant Alexander Rybak and the Swedish contestant Benjamin Ingrosso are to compete in the international Eurovision finals in Lisbon. When they met in Scandinavian talk show Skavlan, they performed a mashup of their winning songs «That’s How You Write a Song» and «Dance You Off». 


Teasers – posted on Skavlan Facebookpage before the TV-broadcast


English translation of the last Facebook-video: “Norsk eller Svorsk”?

10 quick questions for Alexander Rybak. 

1: Always early or always late? “Late”:
2. A life in major or a life in minor?
“Minor….Smiling Minor” 
Is that russian? 
“It´s very belorussian, yes” 
3. Sleep in pyjamas or sleeping naked? 
“Very naked” Very naked? “Ja” 
4. King of the bar or king at the dance-floor? 
“Does at home count as the dance-floor”? it´s the Dance-floor, for sure. You will never find me in the bar”
5. Tinder or looking in town? 
“I met the big love of my life on Tinder so…Tinder” 
Do you still have your profile or have you closed it? Are you still on Tinder? 
“No, but there are probably some, who can´t get rid of my messages there, but I have deleted my profile” That´s good
6. Smell of too much sweat or too much perfume? “Perfume”
“I have one for you: Norwegian or “Svorsk” (mix of Norwegian and Swedish)
Skavlan: Ohhh…If only I could speak Norwegian again. I miss Norwegian. I miss Norwegian. But I am caught in this..language.
7. Voices in the head or silence in the head? 
“ the head” What are they saying? “Right now, they are feeling really good, all of them”
8:Fight? Or run away as fast as you can? 
“Run away as fast as you can. I did that once” “You did? “Yes. He was this much shorter than me – and 4 years younger, so it looked awkward. I was Fifteen.”
You could have managed? “No, I didn´t want to”
9. Untuned violin or singing out of key? “Ouch. Untuned violin. You can do something about that.”
10. Finally: 12 points from Sweden or 12 points from Russia? 
“12 points from Sweden”