“Virtuos” is the competition by NRK for classical solo-instrumentalists under the age of 20.

The winner of the Norwegian Final, receives The Norwegian Soloist-Award of 100.000 NOK and gets to represent Norway at the International competition Eurovision Young Musicians. This year, the event will take place in August in Edinburgh arrangementet sted i Edinburgh i August.

4 contestants made it to the Grand Final:

Nikita Khnykin, piano
Birgitta Oftestad, cello
August Schieldrop, tuba
Oda Holt G√ľnther, fiolin

All 4 Finalists are students at the Barratt Due Musikinstitutt in Oslo

The winner of the Norwegian Grand Final became the 15-year old cello-player Birgitta Elisa Oftestad

Alexander Rybak played with Kringkastingsorkesteret (KORK) in the opening-act of the show – and he performed as a guest-artist in the intermission – with a special version of “Jealous”. His performance was followed by a short interview on stage.