– Oh, Katya!

Is there a winner of Eurovision? Congratulations! Sasha, I know that you are a sweet diner, so we brought you sweets from Ukraine, Lviv sweets.

-I have never tried it yet. I like Lviv very much, I had one of the most successful concerts there!

-We are fortunate – today Daddy came to visit!

Hello !

-Igor Rybak!

We all know that you are a musician. Do you play a duet?

-If you want, we will play for you now.

They say that to be a good pianist, I have to do 8 hours a day. And in order to be a good violinist, you have to do all the time.

– Especially in childhood. It’s unfair somehow, but you have to start very early. Fortunately, Dad knew that.

You are a musician with a long experience, played for a long time in an orchestra, a teacher. And here you become the father of Alexander Rybak.

-Many began to play the violin because they heard Sasha play.

-In many countries people think: “Why was he lucky?” And in Norway, people think: “If he could do it , then I can also.”

Show how the Norwegian stars live. How long has it been bought?

-This is after the victory. I immediately bought an apartment. To be honest, this is not the most iconic apartment.

After winning the “Eurovision”, although there is no prize pool for the artist, you started to make a good job?

-Many think that if you win the competition, for example, a million euros will be awarded immediately, and this is not the case. But if it’s wise to work after a victory, then you can earn on projects, at concerts, with Will Smith, I worked in Los Angeles, with a cartoon. I have been trying to find new ways to remind people of my creativity. Here you can earn money.

Do you make “Lego” in Norwegian evenings?

-It helps me not to give up. “Lego” reminds me that the biggest things start with the smallest pieces or steps. “

Do you, like a bachelor, have a nice kitchen, are you preparing Norwegian salmon?

-This is looking at what bachelors are compared. Here’s my cup here, right away you can see that there is a kind of abnormal boyfriend here. There are many violins here. These fans are giving me. In the kitchen it’s practical, but when they give it to me in other countries, it is necessary to carry it by plane, sometimes, unfortunately, it breaks down.

This Oslo area is one of the most prestigious. I understand that the apartments here are expensive.

-When I was little, I walked and dreamed of moving here sometime. My mother said: “Sasha, only the richest are here”.Then I thought – you need to then win in the Eurovision 2009, and move. When I wanted to buy an apartment, I worked on a project – playing for Barack Obama.

And Barack Obama was pleased, and you’re with a flat.


Is there a mistress in this kitchen?

-Of course!

Is your Norwegian girl?

-Yes, her name is Julie.

Here is your main trophy – a crystal microphone, in 2009, for winning the Eurovision in Moscow. Now you’re dreaming of adding a crystal microphone from Lisbon?

Let’s hope.

There were no examples when the winners of “Eurovision” again went to the competition and showed a good result. An example is Dan International, Lena from Germany. Do not you fear it?

-Importantly – failure or victory – you always have to take it with a smile.

During the “Eurovision” in Moscow, when you defeated, you definitely gave victory. This year you understand who can win and whether you will give this one hundred percent?

– And the Czech Republic, and Israel – are new talents, they want to support them. But it was very important for me not to repeat the story, but again not to be afraid to take part.

Do you know Melovin?

-It is very self-confident on the stage, and this is the most important thing in Eurovision – to know why you take part. And he knows why.

Career, “Eurovision”, it’s all right. But, probably, mother asks when grandchildren, family?

-You ask her, she lives on the other side of the fjord.

As for April, then the heat you have here.

-Norwayia – not a country where there is a heat, we are glad when + 18-19ะก, this is very warm for us.

Norway is a sea country, you have a fish surname. God himself commanded to be a fisherman.

-Sometimes fishing with a fishing rod, with spinning. Everyone asks me where the best salmon, I’ve already explored Tronheim, I direct to the right places, and I never go.

“Here I grew up and still grow up, because my mom feeds me on a weekly basis.

Hello, I’m Katya!


There is an incredible landscape!

– So very beautiful. That’s why we once bought a house.

Are we out of town now? And this is like a suburb of Oslo?


And mom here is a star.

-All know, because we are very similar, so everyone will recognize me. And in the first time when Sasha won the competition, my walk took five times more time than usual.Everyone stopped.

This mom is nice.

-Very nice!

-The local residents wrote a letter to me – we would like to call our street in the name of Alexander Rybak. On the one hand, it was nice, on the other – too much.

You, as a mom, keep everything.

– So, everything. Many children’s photos, prizes, all family relics are all here.

– So, here are gifts from Belorussia, this is the Belarusian costume from the president.

This is a costume from Lukashenka.

We have already heard how Dad plays, how are you playing?

Ms. Natalie, and Sasha comes to eat you?

-I always ask: “Tell me when you come, I will cook sorceress, or borsch, or meat salad, or all at once.”

Do you hint what you need your family, children, grandchildren?

-I think that everything is happening in one’s time.

Do not you interfere?

-No, I think it’s always a mistake.